The story behind Ôcuisine®

At home, in France, we like to eat good food, share, invite people and ourselves over… We love talking forever about good taste, choosing the best fresh products at the market,spending long hours at the table with family, friends, lovers… The simple and universal passion that brings us all together is cuisine, all types of cuisine! The cuisine that you find in neighbourhood corner bistros, or at top-rated chef’s restaurants. The local, traditional cuisine specific to our regions, or the cuisine that celebrates the most refined gastronomy.

For us, Ôcuisine® ‘s dishes and utensils now transmit this unique passion. Representing much more than the class and chic of French cuisine, Ôcuisine® has a certain art de vivre that you can experience in the simplest way: handle it, carry it, test it, experiment with it… The result of artisan glass workers’ century-old tradition, designed in Paris next to the Château de Vincennes and produced in the centre of France, Ôcuisine® glass is part of a heritage that speaks to chefs and Sunday cooks alike. But most of all, the entire Ôcuisine® range has been created for daily cuisine.

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