Share the Joy of Food

with Ô Cuisine®

At home, in France, we like to eat good food, share, invite people and ourselves over… The simple and universal passion that bring us all together is cuisine, all type of cuisine !

For us, Ôcuisine® ‘s dishes and utensils now transmit this unique passion. Representing much more than the class and chic of French cuisine, Ôcuisine® has a certain art de vivre that you can experienced the simplest way.

French fabrication


The result of artisan glass workers' century-old tradition, designed in Paris next to the Château de Vincennes and produced in the centre of France in the world’s biggest borosilicate glass oven, Ôcuisine® glass is part of a heritage that speaks to chefs and Sunday cooks alike.

A Unique borosilicate glass

Ôcuisine® glass is a borosilicate tempered glass, recognised for its demonstrated superiority


It resists extreme temperatures, from -40°C to +300°C (-40°F to over 572°F), and thermal shock reaching 220°C (396°F). No need to change dishes when transferring from the freezer to the oven, the refrigerator to the microwave. Prepare, cook, store, reheat, carry and serve, all in one dish and send it freely to the dishwasher.



It resists bumps, Stacking, knocking together, inattentive cleaning, Ôcuisine® products deliver in all situations and have a 10-year guarantee.


Free of all Bisphenol A, Ôcuisine® glass is a healthy material that does not alter the taste qualities of ingredients and makes all cooking healthy and succulent.

A wide range of dishes

for all wishes

The entire Ôcuisine® range has been created for daily cuisine. Ôcuisine® offers quality glass products but not only : discover a wide range of non-stick metal cookware and ceramic for every cook whishes ! So prepare, bake, simmer, heat up the atmosphere and sizzle for your neighbours…

And never forget that Ôcuisine® is more than just cooking, it’s a French Art de vivre !

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