Glass Round storage dish with steam valves

Ôcuisine® round storage dish with steam valves have been especially designed to help you to cook, store and reheat your meals. Reheat your meal in the microwave thanks to the steam valves on the lids. Provided with a seal, this glass storage food container is also airtight and ensures easy closing.
Made from borosililicate glass, all our glass products ensure a thermal shock resistance up to 220°C, allow you to put them from freezer directly in the oven (without lid) and microwave. Borosilicate glass is a healthy material which is doesn't stain and is scratch resistant and is also dishwasher safe. All our glass products are made in France

Internal Dimensions:
External Dimensions: 2,3L +
Capacity: 2,3L
Material: Borosilicate glass
Origin France Guaranteed: Made in France
Min. temperature:
Max temperature: Thermal Shock resistance 220°C
Oven compatible: Yes
Microwave compatible: Yes
Freezer compatible: Yes
Refrigerator compatible:
Hobs compatible:
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