France and cuisine

have a passionate bond, Ôcuisine identity

is a concentrate of those two elements.

Ôcuisine glassware range,

the new must have in all kitchens!

Borosilicate technology, a guarantee for quality.

Made in tempered borosilicate glass, Ôcuisine glassware range

is extra resistant able to go through extreme temperatures

from -40°C/-40°F to +300°C/+572°F, unaltered.


Made in France, Ôcuisine glass products are guaranteed 10 years.

Glass roasters
Oval roaster +
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Oval roaster

size – capacity

26 x 18cm 1,6L 30 x 21cm 2L 35 x 24cm 3L 39 x 27cm  4L
10,3″x7,1″ 1,7qt 11,9″x8,2″ 2,2qt 13,7″x9,6″ 3,2qt 15,5″x10,7″ 4,2qt
Rectangular roaster +
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Rectangular roaster

size – capacity

23 x 15cm 0,8L 28 x 20cm 1,6L 32 x 20cm 2L 35 x 22cm  2,6L
9″x5,9″ 0,9qt 11″x7,9″ 1,7qt 12,6″x7,9″ 2qt 13,9″x8,7″ 2,7qt
39 x 24cm 3,6L 40 x 27cm 4,5L
15,2″x9,4″ 3,8qt 15,7″x10,4″ 4,8qt

Square roaster +
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Square roaster

size – capacity

25 x 22cm 1,6L 20 x 17cm 1L
9,8″x8,6″ 1,7qt 7,8″x6,6″ 1,1qt
Glass casseroles
Rectangular casserole +
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Rectangular casserole

size – capacity

33 x 19cm 4,5L (3L+1,5L) 37 x 22cm 6,5L (4,3L+2,2L)
12,8″x7,7″ 4qt8(3qt2+1qt6) 14,7″x8,7″ 6qt9(4qt6+2qt3)


Round casserole +
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Round casserole

size – capacity

21 x 18cm 1,4L (1,1L + 0,3L) 24 x 20cm 2,1L (1,6L + 0,5L) 27 x 23cm 3L (2,2L + 0,8L)
8,3″x7″ 1qt5(1qt1+0qt4) 9,4″x7,9″ 2qt3(1qt7+0qt6) 10,5″x9,1″ 3qt2(2qt4+0qt8)


Oval casserole +
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Oval casserole

size – capacity

33 x 20cm 4L (3L+1L)
13″x7,9″ 4qt1(3qt1+1qt)


Glass bakeware
Souffle Dish +
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Souffle Dish

size – capacity

21 x 21cm 2,5L
8,4″x8,4″ 2,6qt


Loaf Dish +
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Loaf Dish

size – capacity

28 x 11cm 1,5L
11,1″x4,5″ 1,6qt


Flutted flan dish +
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Flutted flan dish

size – capacity

26 x 26cm 2,1L
10,3″x10,3″ 2,3qt


Cake Dish +
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Cake Dish

size – capacity

23 x 23cm 1,4L 26 x 26cm 2,1L
9″x9″ 1,5qt 10,3″x10,3″ 2,3qt


Flan Dish +
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Flan Dish

size – capacity

27 x 27cm 1,3L
10,7″x10,7″ 1,4qt


Pie dish with handles +
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Pie dish with handles

size – capacity

26 x 23cm 1,3L
10,1″x9″ 1,4qt


Oval pie dish +
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Oval pie dish

size – capacity

19 x 14cm 0,5L 25 x 20cm 1,5L
7,5″x5,5″ 0,5qt 9,8″x7,9″ 1,5qt


Glass prepware
Mixing Bowl +
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Mixing Bowl

size – capacity

0,5L 1L 2L  3L
0,5qt 1,1qt 2qt 3,2qt


Measuring Jug +
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Measuring Jug

size – capacity

0,25L 0,5L 1L
0,25qt 0,5qt 1qt


Glass storage
Rectangular roaster with lid +
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Rectangular roaster with lid

size – capacity

17 x 10cm 0,4L 23 x 15cm 1,1L 28 x 20cm 2,5L
7″x4″ 0,4qt 9″x5,9″ 1,2qt 11″x7,8″ 2,6qt


Square Roaster with lid +
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Square Roaster with lid

size – capacity

25 x 22cm 1,6L 14 x 12cm 0,35L 20 x 17cm 1L 25 x 22cm  2,2L
9,8″x8,6″ 1,7qt 5,6″x4,7″ 0,4qt 7,8″x6,6″ 1,1qt 9,8″x8,7″ 2,3qt


Round Dish with lid +
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Round Dish with lid

size – capacity

14 x 12cm 0,35L 20 x 18cm 1,1L 26 x 23cm 2,3L
5,6″x4,7″ 0,4qt 7,9″x6,9″ 1,2qt 10,2″x9″ 2,4qt